Wood Burning Fireplaces With Screens Only

Wood Burning Fireplaces With Screens Only

A fireplace with screens only is the ideal set-up for a Fireplace Fashion Cover!

The Fireplace Fashion Cover will easily hang from the top flat bar that your screens hang from now. The embedded magnets in the top, bottom and sides will adhere to the top bar and to your screens,  to provide maximum coverage and insulation. No modifications to your existing fireplace or screens are necessary. Simply hang the cover by the magnets in the Fireplace Fashion Cover and start saving energy and money. You can easily remove the cover when you want to burn a fire, and re-hang the cover when the fire is out and the embers are cold.

Don’t feel like shoveling the ashes from last nights fire? No clean-out in your fireplace? Feeling the draft from your gas burning fireplace?  The Fireplace Fashion Cover will hide the mess until you have time to clean out the firebox and stop the “money wasting” drafts at the same time.

The Chimney Damper

All wood burning fireplaces have a damper in the chimney to regulate the flow of air, and exhaust the toxins caused by burning wood. This damper is usually made from a thin metal to allow it to open and close easily. The metal damper will get very hot when you are burning a fire and eventually the metal will warp and deteriorate, allowing the cold winter air or hot, humid summer air to enter your home. Some also leave the damper open at all times allowing the air transfer to take place 24 hours a day 365 days a year! Most fireplace dampers are hidden away in the fireplace and covered with ash and soot, not something nice to deal with.

Our Magnetic Fireplace Fashion Cover will serve as a easy, attractive and affordable barrier between the outside air and your expensive heated and cooled air inside.

A fireplace without doors is like an open window in your home, all year long!  Even with the damper closed, there is a constant flow of air between the inside of your home and the outside, by way of your chimney.  This air flow is taking your heated and cooled air out of the home, and allowing the outside air, chimney odors and unwanted bugs and insects to enter your living area.  This air flow will also make your heating or air conditioning system work harder to replace this escaping air.

The Fireplace Fashion Cover will interrupt this air flow and save you energy and money.  It will also stop the light from your room from attracting the bugs and insects outside, and inviting them in. The Fireplace Fashion Cover will eliminate those foul chimney odors from ruining the fresh smell of your home. The insulation in the center of the cover will isolate the inside of your home from the elements outside

You Will See And Feel The Difference As Soon As You Hang Your New

Fireplace Fashion Cover

A new Magnetic Fireplace Fashion Cover is the Easy, Attractive and Affordable solution you need.Securely held in place by industrial strength magnets hidden inside cover. Easily folds to about a 12″ square for storage.

  • Stops drafts and heat and air conditioning loss
  • Stops odors and bugs
  • Hides the firebox and ashes
  • So easy to install, anyone can do it
  • Easy to remove and fold for storage
  • Folds to about a 12 inch square
  • No modification to your fireplace
  • Interior magnets adhere to the metal in your screens

Beverly,   We are so happy with our fireplace cover. It has provided so many functions; eliminated the odor from the fireplace soot, seals the cracks from the escaping heat inside the house, and adds beauty to the room. Thank you so much for inventing such a practical product. And an extra “thank you” for providing superior customer service and manufacturing such a high quality product. Brad P.–California

 Wood Burning Fireplaces With Screens Only

Why Send Your Heated Or Cooled Air Up The Chimney All Year

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