Wood Burning Fireplace An Open Fireplace

Open Fireplace–No Doors Or Screens–Wood Burning

Are You Happy With The Way That Hole In Your Wall Looks??

Wouldn’t A Beautiful Fireplace Fashion Cover Look Great Over That Hole In The Wall?

A fireplace without doors or screens is like an open window in your home, all year long!  Even with the damper closed, there is a constant flow of air between the inside of your home and the outside, by way of your chimney. This air flow is taking your heated and cooled air out of the home, and allowing the outside air, chimney odors and unwanted bugs and insects to enter your living area. This constant air flow will also make your heating or air conditioning system work harder to replace this escaping air. If your chimney is made with brick or stone, you have another source of heat loss. Cold winter temperature will make the bricks or stone very cold and that cold will siphon the heat from the room and replace it with the cold fireplace drafts you feel.

The Fireplace Fashion Cover will interrupt this air flow and Save You Energy And Money, all year.  It will also stop the light from your room from attracting the Bugs And Insects outside, and inviting them in. The Fireplace Fashion Cover will also eliminate those foul Chimney Odors from ruining the fresh smell of your home.

The insulation in the center of the cover will isolate the inside of your home from the elements outside, eliminate sounds entering from outside and stop the odors and mess from spilling into the room. Have you priced a set of glass doors? Expensive!!

The Chimney Damper

All wood burning fireplaces have a damper in the chimney to regulate the flow of air, and help exhaust the toxins caused by burning wood. This damper is usually made from a thin metal to allow it to open and close easily. The metal damper will get very hot when you are burning a fire and eventually the metal will warp and deteriorate, allowing the cold winter air or hot, humid summer air to enter your home. Some also leave the damper open at all times, allowing the air transfer to take place 24 hours a day, 365 days a year! Most fireplace dampers are hidden away in the upper section of the fireplace and covered with ash, soot and spider webs, not something nice to deal with.Our Magnetic Fireplace Fashion Cover will serve as a easy, attractive and affordable barrier between the outside air and your expensive heated and cooled air inside. Keep the outside elements where they belong outside, not in you home!!

A new Magnetic Fireplace Fashion Cover with the Angle Adapter Bar or The Magnetic Tape Strip Solution for open fireplaces is the Easy, Attractive AND Affordable solution you need. Securely held in place by industrial strength magnets hidden inside cover. Easily folds to about a 12″ square for storage.

Open Fireplace
Open Fireplace with Angle Adapter Bar
Open Fireplace with Angle Adapter Bar
and Fireplace Fashion Cover


Fireplace Fashion Solutions

No Doors Or Screens On Your Fireplace
No Doors Or Screens
On Your Fireplace
 We Have An Easy Solution For Your Fireplace
Open Fireplace with Angle Adapter Bar
Hide The Mess And Odor Of Your Open Fireplace
Open Fireplace with Angle Adapter Bar
and Fireplace Fashion Cover

So Simple Anyone Can Do It!!   No Tools No Modifications   No Special Skills

We have an old open fireplace in the center of one wall of our living room, and I was looking for something that would provide insulation and keep the chilly air coming down the chimney and would also be attractive with clean lines–without having to pay a fortune in reconstruction and redecorating. I was so happy to learn of Fireplace Fashion Covers and am delighted with the cover. We have an open fireplace, so I needed the adjustable bar as well. The bar was a cinch to install and the cover fits perfectly. I am so impressed with the ingenuity that went into designing this product. The service was also remarkable:I received my custom-made fireplace cover just six days after I sent in my order!     Thank you!    Kathryn   Arlington, Massachusetts

For Use On A Fireplace Without Doors Or Screens–An Open Fireplace

We Have Your Answer To

  • Cold chimney drafts
  • Heat escaping up your chimney
  • Summer humidity entering your home thru the chimney
  • Foul fireplace odors and creosote smells
  • Ashes blown into your room by chimney drafts
  • Looks of the left overs of last nights fire
  • Bug and insects coming in your fireplace

We Have Available, An Angle Adapter Bar That

  • Spans the top of your fireplace
  • Is held in place by pressure
  • Allows cover of your choice to hang in front of fireplace
  • Will help stop air flow
  • Is fully adjustable to fit your fireplace size needs
  • Requires no tools, skills, changes or modifications
  • Securely held in place by a simple thumbscrew

Angle Adapter Bar

So Easy To Do– No Modifications– No Tools– No Skills Necessary

Angle Adapter Bar:

For fireplaces without attached doors or screens fits fireplace openings (width) 22″ to 38″–$38.00

For fireplaces without attached doors or screens fits fireplace openings (width) 39″ to 44″–$42.00

Sizes over 44″ wide, please contact us: beverly@fireplacefashion.com        410-939-2585

Please enter fireplace opening measurements in box at checkout.





* PLEASE CALL Beverly 410-939-2585 or EMAIL beverly@fireplacefashion.com *


How To Measure For Your Angle Adapter Bar:

  • Measure fireplace opening, right edge to left edge at top.
  • Order Angle Adapter Bar to this size.
  • Custom order sizes available upon request.
  • Insert measurement in “Ordering Instructions” box on check out page.

How To Measure For Your Fireplace Fashion Cover For Use With The Angle Adapter Bar

  • Measure fireplace opening, right edge to left edge at top for width
  • Measure fireplace opening from top edge to bottom edge for height
  • Cover will be made larger than opening to overlap sides and at top to cover magnetic bar
  • Insert actual fireplace measurements in “ordering instructions” box on check out page.
  • Please forward a picture of your fireplace, if possible, to assist in construction of your cover.
  • Email picture to beverly@fireplacefashion.com

I Love The Fireplace Cover. Loved The Idiot-Proof Installation Markings On The Bars!
Awesome Addition To My Home. Great Idea! Christine R.–Maryland

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