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A vented gas burning fireplace is like having a window open in your home 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Safety guidelines for all gas burning fireplaces, state that the damper in the chimney must be blocked in the open position at all times. The gas used in a gas burning fireplace is deadly, if it enters your home. That is why the damper must be removed or disabled. You can not stop the air flow with the damper.  Since you cannot block the vent on the outside of your home, why not block it on the inside–with a Fireplace Fashion Cover!  Some states now require a carbon monoxide detector in homes with a gas burning fireplace.   See:

The Fireplace Fashion Cover will serve as another layer of protection from the toxic gas. A vented gas fireplace also has an outside channel ( called the chase ) that runs the entire height of your chimney. This channel serves as an air barrier between the hot firebox and your flammable walls. The channel vents directly to the outside, allowing the heat build-up of the firebox walls to be exhausted to the outside, and allow cool air into the channel to cool the firebox and chimney. This outside air is what you feel coming out of the vents on the fireplace when it is not in use.   The chase will siphon the heated air out of your home and replace it with the cold outside air, causing the cold fireplace draft you feel.  Summertime humidity and heat will also cause this same transfer of air with the cooled, air conditioned air in the your home.

Your expensive heated and cooled air is exhausted in this air exchange!  

The Fireplace Fashion Cover will interrupt this air flow. A fireplace that has been converted from a wood burning to a gas burning fireplace will either not have a damper at all or it will be blocked open permanently, allowing the outside air to enter your home all year long, wasting your expensive heated and cooled air.

Does The Metal Of Your Fireplace Feel Cold To The Touch In Winter?

Another source of air infiltration from gas burning fireplaces, is the gas line coming in from outside. This line comes through your outside wall to deliver the gas to your fireplace. The outside air will enter with the gas line as it passes through the wall. The Fireplace Fashion Cover will isolate your home from the inside of your fireplace and the outside air temperature difference.

The Fireplace Fashion Cover is ideal for all types of gas burning fireplaces, and they Look Great!!

You Will See And Feel The Difference In Your Room As Soon As You Hang Your Fireplace Fashion Cover

The Fireplace Fashion Cover Will Pay For Itself In Energy Savings In

One Heating Or Cooling Season—

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Hi Beverly & Gil,
Rick & I redid our family rm 19+yrs ago with a very affordable zero clearance fire place.  Needless to say the doors & flu never where the best at keeping the wind out. We would have to leave the flu open when we went to bed just to be safe & would wake up to a very cold family rm (cathedral ceilings). Last year it was so cold we actually duct taped a garbage bag over the glass doors & did not use the fire place all winter.  You saved the day and the fuel consumption. Last night we had a fire.  Even though the fire was out RIck as always left the flu open and the doors closed then added the Fireplace Fashion cover over the doors. The wind last night was awful & cold, but when I came down this AM the outside temperature was <30 but  the rm was nice and toasty. Thank you for your excellent product. With much appreciation, Rick & Lucy Goodchild


Your Fireplace Chimney Is Like A Giant Straw Sucking Your Expensive

Heated And Cooled Air From Your Home And Sending It Outside!!!!!

Researchers have studied this effect to determine the amount of heat loss through a fireplace, and the results are amazing!! One remarkable research study showed that an open damper on an unused fireplace, in a well insulated house, can raise overall heating energy consumption by 30%.

Another recent study showed that for many consumers, their heating bills may be more than $500 higher each winter due to air leakage and wasted energy caused by fireplaces! The fireplace is like a giant straw–sucking the heated air from you home. This is like leaving a window open all year.

Keep Your Heated Or Cooled Air Where You Want It – In Your House, Not Outside


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