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A fireplace that is left open in your vacation home, with the air conditioning or heat on, is costing you energy dollars, every day, needlessly!  With no motion in the home, the fireplace will begin a steady draw from the rest of the home and exhaust the treated air in your home directly up the chimney. This will cause the air conditioning and/or heater to run more often, wasting your energy and dollars when no one is there.  Ever wonder why it is so cold inside when you first get to the vacation home?  It could be the fireplace!!

The Fireplace Fashion Cover  will interrupt this constant air flow and save you energy and money when your vacation home is unoccupied.

The Fireplace Fashion Cover will help stop the bugs in the chimney from entering the home while you are away. Even with the damper in the closed position there is still an air gap around the edges that will siphon the air from your home and send it outside.  This gap around the damper is large enough for most spiders, flies, bugs and insects to fit through, and they will be waiting for you when you return. (these unwelcome intruders enjoy your treated air as much as you do)

The Fireplace Fashion Covers is designed to eliminate all types of drafts, up and down the chimney, as well as the odors that linger from the last fire and the unwanted insect pests from outside.

You Will See, Smell And Feel The Difference As Soon As You Hang Your New

Fireplace Fashion Cover


Choose one of our beautiful patterned covers to dress up the room

or simply make your fireplace disappear with one of the solid color choices.



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Insulated Magnetic Decorative Fireplace Covers Are The Answer

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