The “Magnetic Tape Strip” Solution

The Magnetic Tape Strip Solution will allow the magnetic Fireplace Fashion Cover to be used on non-magnetic fireplace surfaces such as brass, aluminum, copper and other non-magnetic metals.  The Magnetic Tape Strip Solution will also allow the cover to be attached to the fireplace surround, such as tile, slate, granite or other smooth non-magnetic surfaces, this is ideal if your fireplace insert has gaps around the opening.   The Magnetic Tape Strip may also be used on an open fireplace with a smooth fireplace  surround.  Does the marble/stone around your fireplace feel cold to the touch? Cover as much of the surface as you would like.

Ideal for an open fireplace that is not used–seal it up and make it go away.  No marks, residue or changes to your fireplace!

The Magnetic Tape Strip will provide a removable/reusable magnetic surface for the Fireplace Fashion Cover to attach to most surfaces.   


Non-magnetic brass fireplace door assembly

Non-magnetic brass
fireplace door assembly

Magnetic tape strip applied to Smooth fireplace surround

Magnetic tape strip applied to
Smooth fireplace surround

Fireplace fashion cover in place saving energy

Fireplace fashion cover
in place saving energy

I manufacture a Magnetic Tape Strip that is a removable and reusable magnetic tape. This tape is magnetic on one side and a removable adhesive on the other. The Magnetic Tape Strip will completely surround the fireplace, allowing the Fireplace Fashion Cover to be installed on most surfaces. This Magnetic Tape Strip will allow the magnetic Fireplace Fashion Cover to cover your fireplace even without metal doors or screens. The Magnetic Tape Strip will adhere to most smooth surfaces: brass, aluminum, marble, slate, tile and stone. There is limited adhesion on rough or porous surfaces.  This Magnetic Tape Strip leaves no residue on surfaces when removed, and can be removed and re-applied,  This solution will give you magnet to magnet contact on all sides of the fireplace cover, providing a complete closure  against the cold drafts.  This solution also works very well on unused open fireplaces that are surrounded by smooth stone, tile and granite .
The Magnetic Tape Strip Solution MUST be removed before burning a fire if the surface gets hot.   This is a FLAMMABLE product and cannot be exposed to flames or extreme heat!  Re-usability will depend on type of surface, tape is applied to.


Is your fireplace surround stained, discolored damaged or just cold?   The Magnetic Tape Strip solution will mount to most smooth surfaces and allow you to cover more than just the fireplace opening.  The example below shows the Magnetic Tape Strip extending the Fireplace Fashion Cover beyond the fireplace opening and sealing all the gaps and spaces around the fireplace opening as well as hiding an unsightly fireplace surround. 


The Magnetic Tape Solution Is $8.00 Per Side

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(Sold for use on my Fireplace Fashion Covers only)

Change The Look Of Your Fireplace & Stop The Cold Fireplace Drafts


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