Summer Fireplace Cover

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Fireplaces should be covered in the spring and summer when the fireplace is not going to be burned. There is a lot of heat and humidity that travels down the chimney during the summer. Ever heard the weatherman say we have a “low pressure system” coming and bringing in rain? This means the clouds are lower and push down the humidity and heat to the ground. This pressure is immediately felt when you open a door or window and the hot and humid air pushes in through the opening. The same thing happens with the chimney on the fireplace. The opening allows the hot and humid air to push into your home. You may not feel it, but this causes your air conditioner to work harder, trying to cool this air as it enters your home.

There are also a lot of bugs and flying insects that take refuge in your chimney. The warmth and light that is exposed from the chimney, is very attractive to these critters. They will be deterred away, when you cover your fireplace with a Fireplace Fashion Cover. The opening is sealed and the insects have no where to enter and will go back out, or die in the spent ashes.
So whether you want to save money on your air conditioning this summer, stop the insects and bugs from getting into your home, or just don’t want to look at an unused fireplace during the warm weather, a Fireplace Fashion Cover is a good, affordable solution.


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