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Our insulated magnetic fireplace cover will save you energy and money all year, in heating or cooling season.
These insulated fireplace covers are the easy, affordable and attractive solution you have been looking for to stop the cold winter air and hot humid summer air from entering your home from outside, and your expensive heated and cooled air escaping through the chimney, costing you energy dollars everyday!

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Gas Fireplace

Beverly,My family and I would like to thank you for keeping our home warm..I wish I would’ve known about your product year’s ago..I recommend anyone who has a gas fireplace to purchase this product..IT REALLY WORKS!!!!!

Walter Morales



Beverly:I thought that you would be interested in seeing you handy work in place. We love it and are getting rave reviews from family and friends.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.Paul Motyka Acton MA


fireplace fashion cover
Hello Beverly,
We have received our fireplace cover. As you promised, it is fantastic in blocking the cold air flow from our fireplace. I believe that my feet will not be cold anymore. I am eager to see if there is much change in our heating bill. We are always looking for cost cutting, you know. I will send a picture in a couple of days. Thank you for your kind assist when we were in the unknown regarding the draft eliminators. Your packaging is perfect, shipping is speedy, and the customized fit could not be any better. The cover easily pops on and does the job of blocking the cold airflow and is also attractive.We are very happy with our purchase and will definitely recommend you and your line of fireplace covers to others. Thank you so much. It has been a pleasure to meet you via the phone and internet.
Ginny –Charlotte NC


fireplace fashion cover

Installed immediatelyAnd how simple that was! It looks great, and fits perfectly. Now it is 9:30 on a chilly morning, and i am sitting in front of the fireplace, watching the cover puff out from all the chilly air that would normally be a draft around my ankles. But there is no draft, no cold air at all coming through. I could not be more pleased. Although i probably will be when i see the difference it will make to my heating bill. Thank you so much.

Sue Griffith



fireplace cover

Hi Beverly,How sweet it is….We just “re-claimed” our den with your fireplace cover! It makes a huge difference…now the room is warmer and there’s NO draft. Thanks so much for a unique, well made (in the USA!) product.

Great service. Burtch–Little Rock AR



Would You Like To Stop The Cold Drafts And Heat Loss From Your Fireplace?

The Fireplace Fashion Cover Will Pay For Itself In Energy Savings In

One Heating Or Cooling Season



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Heat Goes To Cold!!

Fireplace Covers


When you walk by a unprotected window in the cold weather the heat in your body goes to the window. That is why you feel the cold. The curtains and draperies we hang at our window insulates us from this cold.This also happens with the doors and metal framing of your fireplace, the heat in your home is transferred to the cold glass and metal of your fireplace, making you cold. The Fireplace Fashion Cover will insulate you from this cold.


Fireplace Cover

Hi Beverly,

How sweet it is….We just “re-claimed” our den with your fireplace cover! It makes a huge difference…now the room is warmer and there’s NO draft. Thanks so much for a unique, well made (in the USA!) product. Great service.

Burtch–Little Rock AR



Fireplace Cover
Hi Beverly,
Our cover arrived yesterday. The fit is right and it is well constructed. Magnets are holding it on good and snug with no slipping. The materials seem thoughtfully selected and we are happy with your good communications and fast order fulfillment and shipping. We are looking forward to being a bit warmer during the cold months ahead. I’ve attached a photo of the installation.Many thanks, Don and Carol B.–Portland, Or


fireplace fashion cover
Hi Beverly,
love the blanket, as you can see it is a perfect fit. Had to tell my husband about it, never even noticed the difference and that’s exactly what I wanted to accomplish. Already making our living room cozier. Will talk it up with friends and family and try to send business your way. Thanks so much and happy holidays!


Fireplace Cover
Hi Beverly….
We received our fireplace cover yesterday. IT FITS PERFECTLY!!! We are soooo happy with it….we will be ordering another very soon. We would like to share your business with our neighbors. We live in a condo complex (90 units) with fireplaces from the early 80s…they are very drafty. I’m sure there would be many owners who would be very interested in the covers, especially if they see how nice it looks and how well it fits. Let me know if you are interested in more business…I don’t want to overwhelm you.Thanks again!We are thrilled with our cover!
Susan Avery Bristol, CT


Fireplace cover arrived today, just in time for the artic air that is moving this way tomorrow night. Thanks so much for getting it to me in time. Looks great. Can’t wait to see how much warmer my living room is with it which will keep the furnace from cutting on because the thermostat is in the living room. And yes, I do plan to “spread the word.” Happy Holidays. Deana



Hi Beverly,
I just received my cover we LOVE this, the quality and color are perfect. I am so happy I took your advise on this new color and the fit is perfect. Here are pictures you can use as much as you want to help your business you have a perfect product. Thanks again, Maria and Nick



Hi Beverly,
The fireplace cover fits beautifully, and looks great too. Your penchant for precision shows off
in the finished product! Thank you. BC–Pasadena, MD



The cover arrived yesterday and fits perfectly. The best news is the room was 10 degrees warmer today when I woke up then yesterday. It looks great. Thank you for taking the time to discuss my needs and custom make a cover. I am going to post your flyer on the condo news board. Paula Rose–Clinton, Mass.



Dear Beverly,
The Fireplace Fashion Cover arrived yesterday, just in time for Christmas! It looks great (much better than the plastic and tape we had been using) and, more importantly, it works great–no smoke smell in the house. Photo attached. As your website says, the “just black” cover disappears, which is exactly what we wanted. The quality of the materials and workmanship is obvious and the design is thoughtful and practical. I am so impressed and so appreciative that you offer such a high quality, beautiful, and functional cover. It works exactly as you said it would; it arrived exactly when you said it would. How nice to find a business with such great business ethics! Please be assured I will be singing the praises of your work and if you ever need a reference, I’d be pleased to be one! Have a wonderful Christmas and a New Year filled with laughter and good health. With great respect, Florence Mayne



Many thanks to Gil and Beverly!
Gil’s outstanding website immediately convinced me to place an order. Navigating was fun and exceptionally easy in choosing a fabric. Your team effort to produce a “Fireplace Fashion Cover” was the answer to our fireplace problem. Gone are our days of taping plastic over our fireplace doors for the entire winter. Now we can enjoy a fire whenever we want and cover the doors with our cover when we don’t. And, what a beautiful addition to our family room! Bye bye plastic…hello Fantastic Fireplace Fashion Cover! Thank You Both Again! Renée and Ray– Monroe CT



Here is a picture of your cover on our fireplace. As you well know from your other customers, it works like a dream. We are so happy with the workmanship and the effectiveness of your product. Thanks so much and we will spread the word.Alison C.–Chantilly Va



Hi Beverly
Thank you again for my custom made fireplace cover. It fits perfectly and has made a huge difference in how the room feels. I’ve attached before/after photos. You’ll see it looks alot better too!All the best – Shari–Cheyenne WY



Hi Beverly – love the blanket, as you can see it is a perfect fit. Had to tell my husband about it, never even noticed the difference and that’s exactly what I wanted to accomplish. Already making our living room cozier. Will talk it up with friends and family and try to send business your way. Thanks so much and happy holidays! Peggy



Dear Beverly,
My fireplace cover arrived yesterday and I couldn’t be more pleased. It fits perfectly, installs in seconds and looks very professional! I had seen magnetic covers listed with other retailers, but they only came in two sizes, did not look attractive and had mixed reviews. I will certainly recommend your covers to friends and family!Thank you for your great service and product! Included is a photo of my cover, in place. I have not taken out the slight wrinkles from shipping and may not bother.Thank you again, Mrs. P. Donahue


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We received the fireplace cover today; quick service, beautifully made, perfect size, real quality workmanship and materials, great product. We are so pleased with the cover. This cover will definitely help our energy loss. We are warmer already…Thank you,– Jane C.—Kansas



Good Morning Beverly.
Many,many THANKS The cover fits perfectly and we can tell the remarkable difference in the room temperature during last weekends cold spell in Dallas/Ft. Worth area.Alex I.—Texas



Just a quick note to say thank you. The cover works and looks great, exactly what I had been thinking about for the past several years, and now here it is…Perfect! Matt — Troy MI



Just arrived
fits perfectly…It is 8 degrees out. Love it… I will tell anyone that has a drafty fireplace… Thanks so much… Could not be more pleased… Sandy–Henderson NV



Insulated Fireplace Fashion Covers Save Energy


Dear Beverly and Gil,
We just wanted to tell you how much we are enjoying our comfortable warm family room now that we are keeping the cold drafts out with your fireplace cover. We could not be happier with your product. Thank You, Roy and Sandy –Stamford CT



I received and installed the fireplace cover today.Is Working Great.
By the way, the kitty approves and is now enjoying his normally only at summer spot!
Thank you! I will recommend to all. This product is a great example of American ingenuity! Thanks David–Fremont OH



I just picked up my fireplace cover today. And I love it; the color is perfect! And it’s warm in here already It fits perfectly. I am glad I found you. And I will definitely tell my friends.Thank You, Linda –Dubuque IA



Hi Beverly,
We received our cover yesterday and it was really simple to install. We are already noticing significant difference in our living room. Our living room was getting significantly cold due to cold air entering from fireplace vent. Now it is warm and we expect to save a lot on our heating bills.
Thank you. Parshuram –Connecticut



Add A Decorative Touch To Your Fireplace Or Just Make Your Fireplace Disappear!!

Insulated Decorative Magnetic—Fireplace Fashion Covers By Beverly


Hello Beverly,
Just wanted to let you know that I LOVE the cover for the fireplace… I placed it on last night – fit perfectly and completely stopped all the drafts. I will take a picture this evening and send to you.If you have a website, I would be more than happy to give you wonderful comments. I plan on purchasing other colors to change it up from time to time..Thank you again and I am thrilled to have found your website. Joann–Round Hill VA



Beverly & Gil,
Thank you so much for my custom fireplace cover. Even after picking out my fabric from another site and having it shipped to you I received the cover faster than I had expected. You were such a great help. when I couldn’t find a fabric I liked. In addition, the fireplace adapter worked like a charm. I will definitely spread the word and let people know about such a quality product. Made in the USA what a plus.
Kathryn B — Warner Robins, GA


Insulated Fireplace Fashion Covers Save Money

Order Yours Today And Start Saving


My fireplace cover and the adjuster bar arrived yesterday afternoon, and I put it up right away. I had no trouble installing the bar and cover, and we are so pleased with the clean look. I want to thank you as well for such prompt delivery–for a custom-made product, the speed at which we received the cover was remarkable. (I will post some feedback on your website.) We have not used the fireplace in a number of winters as it doesn’t do much to heat during the deep cold, and I am very eager to see how we do this year. I think the cover will make a big difference in preventing the draft and chill that we always felt in our living room. Many thanks, Kathryn–Montgomery TX



Today it has finally risen to a whopping 6 degrees in Lawrenceville, New Jersey. We, though, are staying much warmer because of our new fireplace cover. It was made perfectly to our specifications, and very effectively blocks air from seeping through our fireplace doors into our family room. Thank you for your creativity in coming up with this clever idea, your skill at making the covers to specifications, and your quick work to get it to us. This evening, when it drops to what is predicted to be 15-20 below zero windchill, we’ll likely be enjoying a warm fire in the fireplace. If we opt not to have that fire, though, it will be a wonderful thing to be able to rely on that cover to keep the chill out. Gwen and Matt– Lawrenceville, NJ


I just got my fireplace cover today and it fit like a glove. Sitting here this evening in my living room I can feel an amazing difference. Much warmer and no cold draft. Amazing product and I will spread the word of your product to anyone I know with a fireplace. Thank you, Terry–New Castle PA



Happy New Year. I just wanted to tell you that I purchased a fireplace cover for my sister for Christmas, after having to cover her fireplace with a blanket to keep out blowing cold air.
The cover fit perfectly and it snapped to the fireplace easily and quickly. Bottom line, my sister is thrilled with it and it has turned a room she only used when wrapped in a blanket into something she can use. We are both so pleased and I wanted to thank you for this wonderful solution. Meredith–Spring Hill KS



Hi Beverly,
We just wanted to let you know that the fireplace cover that we received is absolutely beautiful. We love the fabric, how sturdy it is and how the magnets keep it put and it stays intact. We also bought this to keep our two cats out of the fireplace. They completely ignore the fireplace now and have not tried to get in there anymore. Nothing else worked. We previously had to put our TV in front of the fireplace. Now we don’t have to and we have draft control. We are glad we stumbled upon your website. Frank and Emily–Lees Summit MO



Magnetic Fireplace Fashion Covers Stop Drafts


Thank you so much for an OUTSTANDING product that not only looks great BUT also works like a charm ! The quality is fantastic and delivery was so quick. A million thank you’s !



Got the fireplace cover right before the arctic cold front hit. It is WONDERFUL! Amazing how much more ‘still’ the house interior felt. Guess we get used to drafts and only notice them when they’re gone? Thanks for such a great product and it looks great! Linda–Fairfax VA



Hi Beverly,
We wanted to let you know that we are very happy with our fireplace cover and can definitely feel a difference in that room of our house. We will definitely share your information with our family and friends. We have attached a picture of the cover on our fireplace. Thank you. Andy and Ginny–Trumbull CT



Beverly -we’ve put the cover on yesterday and it fits and looks great! (so much so that I plan to leave it on year-round – which was not my original intent). Also – it was close to 20 below last night here in Iowa City, IA and I can already tell the difference the cover is making. Our great room stayed MUCH warmer than it has.The cover showed up just a few days after ordering & is well worth the money. Thanks for a great product! Kent– Iowa City IA.



Best thing we did was to get a cover from you. It was 15 below 0 this morning. Much colder weather coming next week also. The cover for Mark was just perfect also. They were amazed how much warmer the room was. I hope the pictures I sent to you were helpful. Best Wishes for a successful New Year. Mary –Cedar Rapids IA



Beverly the fireplace cover is BEAUTIFUL!!
I have already gotten many compliments on it. I love it and not only does it look beautiful it has made a huge difference in the temp in the room. Thank u so much Omie–Columbia MD



Insulated Fireplace Fashion Covers Stop Heat Loss


We received the fireplace cover today; quick service, beautifully made, perfect size, Real quality workmanship and materials, great product. We are so pleased with the cover.This cover will definitely help our energy loss. We are warmer already. Thank you, Jane Curtright



Fits and looks great Thanks so much for creating this product. John



I just received your 2 fireplace covers for Christmas and attached them yesterday. I just wanted to say they both look and work great…my wife and I couldn’t be happier with the product. Thank you and I’ll be sure to recommend it to others.
Happy Holidays, Mike–Centerville OH



Arrived, installed, perfect fit. Thanks! It helps with drafts, but the builder didn’t put enough insulation in the chimney, so hearth tile is still cold. If you come up with any other ideas for keeping it warm in this frigid iowa weather, let me know! Donna–Chatham Iowa



Decorative Fireplace Fashion Covers Look Great


Hello Beverly,
Just got the fireplace cover today…looks great and fits perfectly. We can tellright away this will help stop the drafts from this opening. We will definitely pass along your info and our experience with this. Wish we had more fireplaces :-)Cheers~Michael–Greenfield IN



Just a quick note to say how please we are with the fireplace cover. As you see from the picture, it really fits well, and looks great. Again, thanks for your great work and product.Fred–San Antonio TX



Fireplace Fashion Covers

The Easy, Affordable And Attractive Solution You Need For Your Fireplace!!

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Hi Beverly,
I have enclosed a few photos to illustrate the transition my gas fireplace has taken over the last 2 + years. The first is the gas fireplace before last winter and the polar vortex was invited into my home. Little was I aware how vented the fireplace was. The middle picture is how my “lovely” ( the term is used very loosely- lol) fireplace looked last winter and most of this winter. Let’s state my ‘fireplace fashion’ was hideous at best. With last year’s polar vortex and this year’s arctic vortex and wind chills below zero on some days and nights, it was still drafty from the fireplace. The folded furniture blanket and plastic garbage bags bags taped in place just didn’t work. I have also tried window plastic for winter use and some nights watched the plastic “breathe” like a pair of lungs with each gust of wind. In search of an easy, cost effective solution, I came across your website. I am always a skeptic, but I decided at least it would be a step up looking at garbage bags. The last photo is your fireplace fashion cover in place. For a 2 1/2 year old home, I really thought the solution wouldn’t be solved so easily. I was wrong! I amazed how the drafting does not exist at this time. It will be given a real test over the next few days with wind chills again – only around zero. I can state that it has made a vast improvement in drafting from a vented gas fireplace. This was my first experience with this type of fireplace and your cover has improved my life this winter so far, even thought it has been only a few days. I Will update you on how it turns out with the arctic chills this week. Oh, I must comment how well made it is. I sew, and it would take many hours to get the materials and make this for just my one fireplace. It is well worth the cost just for this factor alone. Add how the drafting is blocked- well I can say it it is worth every penny. I apologize for such a lengthy email, but I thought a little background would help with the photos. Thank you! Kathy Leo Ohio

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