Rhonda Hinz

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Rhonda HinzThe photo is a little dark, but you can still see that the cover fits perfectly, and looks great! We love it, and we could tell the difference right away….no draft!! Right after I put the cover in place, a friend (who used to live next door and just moved to Colorado) called, so I shared this with her….she loves it, thinks it’s the neatest idea ever and wished she would have found these when they lived here. So I will be sharing your information with other friends and neighbors who have drafty
fireplaces as well! And in the nick of time….temps possibly in the 30’s tonight, and it’s windy out there!

And I’m going to post this on my Facebook page so my friends can see this awesome cover!

Thank you! Happy to have found you at the Home Show!
Rhonda Hinz

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