Fireplace Fashion Covers

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Stop Those Annoying Fireplace Drafts Winter Or Summer

Keep The Cold Drafts And Foul Odors In Your Chimney Not In Your Home.


Wood Burning Or Gas Fired Fireplace?

The magnetic Fireplace Fashion Cover works great with either a wood burning fireplace or a gas burning fireplace. Stop the cold winter fireplace drafts and hot humid summer air from your fireplace from entering the living area of your home with a Fireplace Fashion Magnetic Cover!!


Heat Goes To Cold!!

When you walk by a unprotected window in the cold weather the heat in your body goes to the window. That is why you feel the cold. The curtains and draperies we hang at our window insulates us from this cold.This also happens with the glass doors and metal framing of your fireplace, the heat in your home is transferred to the cold glass and metal of your fireplace, making you cold. The Fireplace Fashion Cover will insulate you from this cold.


What Type Of Fireplace Do You Have?

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Typical New Construction Fireplace

Typical New Construction Fireplace

Shown here is what a typical pre-fabricated gas fireplace looks like on installation. The air chamber around the exhaust pipe in the center is usually not insulated to allow the heat of the exhaust pipe to dissipate. This unheated area has a vent to the outside that allows this exhaust pipe heat to exit the home and the cold outside air to enter your home. The air chamber around this exhaust pipe in the center is usually not insulated to allow the heat of the exhaust pipe to dissipate. This is the reason you get cold outside air from the fireplace 365 days a year. This also allows for the transfer of cold air through all the metal and glass areas of your fireplace assembly.
Typical New Construction Fireplace

More Information And Examples


Does It Ever Feel Like A Window Is Open In Your Home? It Could Be Your Fireplace

Is You Heat Or Air Conditioning Running Too Often? It Could Be Your Fireplace!

Do You Smell Ash, Soot And Creosote On Hot Humid Days? It Could Be Your Fireplace!

No Doors Or Screens On Your Fireplace
No Doors Or Screens
On Your Fireplace
We Have An Easy Solution For Your Fireplace
We Have An Easy Solution
For Your Fireplace
Hide The Mess And Odor Of Your Open Fireplace
Hide The Mess And Odor
Of Your Open Fireplace


Is Your Fireplace Open–No Doors Or Screens?

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For Your Solution!! No Tools Or Modification!!



HI Beverly,
We just wanted to let you know that the fireplace cover that we received is absolutely beautiful. We love the fabric, how sturdy it is and how the magnets keep it put and it stays intact. We also bought this to keep our two cats out of the fireplace. They completely ignore the fireplace now and have not tried to get in there anymore. Nothing else worked. We previously had to put our TV in front of the fireplace. Now we don’t have to and we have draft control.We are glad we stumbled upon your website. Frank and Emily E.–Washington


Dear Beverly,
I was so excited to receive my cover today. I love it and now I can enjoy the bamboo in my backyard inside the house!I appreciate you sending the additional information and will certainly share with my friends and neighbors who also have fireplaces. Thank you so much for making such a wonderful and beautiful product. Yeah, made in the USA! Take care and much success to you! Sincerely, Patricia H.– Washington DC


Do You Have A Gas Burning Fireplace?

Do You Have A Gas Burning Fireplace?

Most building codes and safety regulations require that the damper in your gas burning fireplace be removed or permanently blocked in the open position, 24 hours a day / 365 days a year! This is to ensure that the toxic gases and carbon monoxide associated with a gas burning fireplace are exhausted to the outside. That’s a lot of cold air, drafts and lost energy, all year!! The Fireplace Fashion Cover will provide a barrier between those toxic gases and the inside of your home!!



Fireplace Fashion Covers!!

Fireplace Fashion Covers!!

The easy, affordable and attractive solution to that cold air entering from the outside and your heated air escaping thru the chimney! Add a decorative accent to your room with one of our many pattern fabrics or simple make your fireplace disappear with one of our solid color choices, and stop looking at that reflection in your doors!!



See More Examples Of The Fireplace Fashion Cover Difference

Fireplace Fashion Cover Showcase


See What Owners Of Fireplace Fashion Covers Have To Say! Fan Mail

Our Fireplace Fashion Covers Are In Use In 49 States, Canada And Even Australia

Saving Owners Energy And Money 24 Hours A Day, 365 Days A Year.

Start Saving Money In Cold Or Hot Humid Weather Today!


Hi Beverly,
Just wanted to say thanks for my cover – its great and a perfect fit! Glad I reduced the size. Our lounge feels so much warmer. I will definitely refer you if I come across anyone else with a fireplace. Julie B.–Melbourne, Australia



Remember:The Inside Of Your Chimney Should Be Part Of The Outside Of Your House,
Not The Inside Of Your Home!!

Fireplace Fashion Covers
Got the fireplace cover right before the arctic cold front hit. It is WONDERFUL! Amazing how much more ‘still’ the house interior felt. Guess we get used to drafts and only notice them when they’re gone? Thanks for such a great product and it looks great! Linda W.–Colorado
Fireplace Fashion Covers

Works Great with Or Without Doors or Screens

  • Our Fireplace Fashion Covers Will Adhere To Existing Doors Or Screens.
  • Easily Removed When You Want To Burn A Fire.
  • Folds To About A 12″ Square For Storage.
  • We Also Have Angle Adapter Bars Available For Those Open Fireplaces Without Doors
  • Magnetic Tape Strip available for use on non-magnetic surfaces

Fireplace Draft Stopper

  • Your Unused Fireplace Could Be Costing You $1000 Or More In Lost Energy Dollars Every Year, Just Sitting There Uncovered
  • See: Saves Energy/Saves Money
  • See How The Fireplace Fashion Cover Can Save You Energy And Money!! See: How It Works
  • A One Time Investment Pays For Itself In Saved Energy In Just One Heating Or Cooling Season And Looks Great Too!! See: Fireplace Cover Choices

Insulated Fireplace Covers Save Energy And Money

Magnetic Fireplace Covers Are So Easy To Use

Decorative Fireplace Covers Look Great

Insulated Magnetic Decorative Fireplace Covers Are The Answer

Hides Ugly Doors And Stained Fireboxes

Hides Ugly Doors And Stained Fireboxes
Tired of the look of your old fireplace front, doors, screens or a dirty firebox full of ashes? Our Magnetic Insulated Fireplace Cover installs in just a few seconds to hide the mess!!! Smoke stained doors, chipped and dented frames, dirty screens or just an empty sooty, dirty firebox, disappear behind the cover! All at a fraction of the price of a new set of doors.



Have Little Ones??

Helps keep toddlers out of the mess of ashes, soot and toxins. Kids love to explore. Not a very pleasant thought!! Remember–Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind

Have A Vacation Home With A Fireplace??

Why leave it sit open all year, letting your heated or cooled air escape, if you are not there?


No Clean-Out In Your Fireplace?

No Clean-Out In Your Fireplace?

Many fireplaces do not have a convenient way to clean out the ashes of a previous fire. Our Fireplace Fashion Cover hides the ashes from view and helps keep them in the firebox where they belong, and not in your house!!Which would you rather look at, a pile of ashes and charred wood in your fireplace, or a beautiful Fireplace Fashion Cover that hides the hole in the wall?



Looks Great–

Our magnetic Fireplace Fashion Covers are available in a variety of decorative patterns and sizes to fit any fireplace. Adds a new fashionable look to any decor. Hides unsightly doors, screens or dirty fireboxes. We can customize to your size, style and decor. (see Fireplace Cover Choices page)

Saves Money–

No expensive heated or cooled air going up the chimney. Why let the air you have paid to heat or cool, leak out through an open or damaged chimney damper? The magnetic cover also covers those leaking air vents. In this day of expensive gas, heating oil and electricity can any of us afford to waste it? See what the experts say.
(see Saves Energy/Saves Money page)

Saves Energy–

Air conditioners and heaters run less often. No matter what fuel you use to heat and cool your home, it’s getting more expensive and less available, every year. We need to save as much as we can for our future generations. Our Fireplace Fashion Covers have an insulating center layer to isolate and insulate your home from the outside air in your chimney. See how much you can save. (see saves Energy/Saves Money page)

Stops Ashes–Ashes From Your Last Fire Stay In The Fireplace!!!

Tired of cleaning up the ashes from your fireplace that are being blown into the room by a chimney downdraft? Tired of the dust from an open fireplace? Our magnetic fireplace covers help stop both in seconds.

Eliminates Odors–Helps Keep Foul Odors From Entering Your Home!!!

Help stop foul odors from ashes, unburned wood and a dirty chimney from entering the living area. Toxic creosote build-up stinks.

Stops Bugs–Helps Stop Pests From Entering Your Home!!

Have a problem with bugs, birds or bats coming down your chimney?
Our fireplace covers help block the light and heat from inside, which attracts them into your chimney and then into the house.

Stops Fireplace Drafts–Help Eliminate The “Stack” Effect Of Your Chimney

Even with glass doors, there is still a draft effect from your chimney, caused by the temperature difference, between the air inside the chimney, and the outside air. This creates a stack effect draft when ever the fireplace is not burning. Our fireplace covers will help eliminate this stack effect and stop the air flow.

“I looked for over one year for a product like this, and I’m so glad I found your site. Just received the cover and it is magnificent. Now I am also a seamstress, but never thought to make this type of cover myself. Beverly, you did a wonderful job! Believe me, I checked out the quality of the workmanship and it is perfect. Not a stitch out of place! Best of all, it does what it’s advertised to do, and does it well….insulates the fireplace. Thanks Beverly! MJ S.–Pennsylvania

Beverly, I Received The Package Yesterday. The fit is perfect and it really does the job as advertised! Pattie D.–Alabama


Your Chimney’s “Reason For Existence” Is To Suck Large Volumes Of Air Out Of Your House And Up The Chimney

Beverly, We are so happy with our fireplace cover. It has provided so many functions; eliminate the odor from the fireplace soot, seals the cracks from the escaping heat inside the house, and adds beauty to the room. Thank you so much for inventing such a practical product. And an extra “thank you” for providing superior customer service and manufacturing such a high quality product....Brad P.–California

What a wonderful energy saver and adds a touch of beauty to our room. We have a double sided fireplace and it is amazing how much of a difference it makes in the cold air getting in. Thank you so much!! Julie K.–Delaware


Beverly, The fireplace cover is BEAUTIFUL!! I have already gotten many compliments on it. I love it and not only does it look beautiful it has made a huge difference in the temp in the room. Thank u so much... Omie R.–Maryland

We received the fireplace cover today; quick service, beautifully made, perfect size, real quality workmanship and materials, great product. We are so pleased with the cover. This cover will definitely help our energy loss. We are warmer already..Thank you,.…Jane C.—Kansas

Dress up the room with one of our beautiful patterns
or simply make your fireplace disappear with one of
the solid color choices




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