How To Order Your Fireplace Fashion Cover

How To Order Your Fireplace Fashion Cover

Magnetic Fireplace Fashion Covers By Beverly

  • Made to fit fireplace openings or door sizes up to 40″W X 32″H                   $96.00               See:  COVER CHOICES

  • Made to fit larger fireplace openings                                                      $106.00-$116.00       See:   COVER CHOICES

  • Closeouts patterns (check size available for each) see below                       $84.00               See:   COVER CHOICES

Premium and Logo patterns slightly more ( see COVER CHOICES page for pricing ).
Smaller and larger sizes available, please select size at check-out and enter your fireplace measurements in box provided or just call me with your size needs–Beverly  410-939-2585.

Since every Fireplace Fashion Cover is made when ordered, we can make one just for your fireplace size, shape and for your tastes. Minor modification and smaller sizes done at no extra charge.  Larger sizes slightly more. We can make any size to fit your needs.

All Fireplace Fashion Covers include industrial strength magnets at the top, the bottom and both sides of the cover and run the entire perimeter of the cover.  These magnets will adhere to your fireplace doors or screens, or the optional Magnetic Tape Strip Solution, providing a seal between the fireplace and your home.  Covers made for open fireplaces, in addition to the magnets, will also include an additional bottom hem to allow for the insertion of an 1/8 inch metal rod or wooden dowel for extra insulation(if desired).

Angle Adapter Bar and Magnetic Tape Strip Solution available for use on open fireplaces, without doors or screens or non-magnetic doors assemblies


All Fireplace Fashion Covers Are Custom Made To Fit Your Fireplace Size And Style.

                           Want One Made With Your Own Decorative Fabric?  Looking for something you do not see in my selections?  

I have many sources for custom fabric.  No Problem, Just Give Us A Call Or An Email

How To Order:

  • Select your pattern 
  • Click “SELECTIONS”
  • Select your fabric
  • Select your size
  • Please enter fireplace measurements in box at checkout.
  • Phone orders are always and gladly welcome 410-939-2585
  • Email:
  • If possible, please send photo of fireplace or doors to above email (not required)


For shipping to all countries outside of the United States and Canada–Please click on link below to order through EBAY:

Please send email to with fireplace measurements, fabric choice and picture of fireplace to be covered

                                       Most Fireplace Fashion Covers Will Ship Within 10 Days Of Order                                      

  The Fireplace Fashion Cover Will Pay For Itself In Energy Savings In One Heating Or Cooling Season

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