Fireplace Fashion Covers

By Beverly



Fireplace Fashion Cover Folds Easily For Storage

The design of the Fireplace Fashion Cover allows for easy removal of the cover when you want to use the fireplace. The cover is held in place with industrial strength magnets in the top, bottom and both sides that will adhere to the metal on your fireplace, the optional Angle Adapter Bar for open fireplaces or the optional Magnetic Tape Strip solution for those non-magnetic fireplaces and fireplace surrounds . These magnets are hidden inside the Fireplace Fashion Cover and are divided into three segments, with minimal spacing between, that will allow the cover to easily fold into thirds and hide out of the way when the fireplace is in use (about 12″ square, depending on the size of your cover).

Fireplace Fashion Covers will also have these industrial strength magnets on both sides of the cover, these magnets are also divided into thirds for easy folding.

Most fireplace covers are large, heavy and difficult to store when you want to burn the fireplace.

The average Fireplace Fashion Cover weighs about three pounds

The Fireplace Fashion Cover Folds As Easy As Folding A Towel

The Fireplace Fashion Cover is the answer you have been looking for to cover those

dirty sooty damaged fireplace doors or screens or that open hole in the wall!

You Will Notice The Difference In Your Room As Soon As You Hang Your New Fireplace Fashion Cover!!

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