Fireplace Fashion Covers

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Fireplace Fashion Covers are the easy, attractive and affordable fireplace draft stopper you need

to stop the cold winter drafts and high heating bills.

All fireplaces have a draft.  Without a draft, your house would fill with smoke as soon as you lit the fireplace.  Some drafts come down the chimney when the fireplace is not burning, a downdraft.   A downdraft from your chimney allows outside air to enter your home 365 days a year.  It will bring the cold winter air into your home from the outside, making the room with the fireplace colder than the other areas of your home. This downdraft will also bring in the humidity from outside in the summer, causing your air conditioning to run more often to remove the moisture. The downdraft will also bring with it the odors and ashes from a previous fire, and the bugs and insects that find their way down the chimney. You may also notice the odor of the smoke and the creosote that builds up on the inside of the chimney from burning fires.  The air in the chimney that settles in your room in the form of cold fireplace drafts is also caused by the bricks, stone, concrete and metal that make up the inside of the chimney.  These structurs are on the outside of the home or in an unheated area of the roof, causing the temperature difference you feel in your room.
The Fireplace Fashion Cover will stop the cold fireplace drafts you feel by the fireplace and PAY FOR ITSELF in saved heating costs in one season!! 
Some drafts go up the chimney when the fireplace is not burning, an updraft.  An updraft will send your expensive heated or cooled air up the chimney and out of the home, causing your heater or air conditioner,to run far more often than necessary to replace this lost air. Most updrafts occur with gas fireplace.  This is caused by the pilot light heating the air in the fireplace and drawing the warm room air into the fireplace opening and up the chimney.  There is also an open vent with gas fireplaces that is open 365 days a year to exhaust the poisonous gas out of your home.  This updraft is the more common condition with fireplaces, but harder to notice, since the air is going up the chimney and very few people can access the top of the chimney to feel the air flow.

Fireplace Fashion covers work on both conditions by interrupting this air flow.

Either condition costs energy and dollars 365 day a year.



Most drafts are caused by an open, damaged or missing chimney damper.  The chimney damper is located in the flue or throat of the chimney and is used to close off the chimney when you are not burning a fire.  This damper is made from a thin metal that opens or closes with a handle in the chimney.   These metal plates will warp over time from the temperature differences when you burn a fire and when it cools down. After a few fires in your fireplace, the damper will not seal the flue and you have a draft.  The damper handle is usually located inside the chimney, above the firebox.  Not a very nice place, full of bugs, soot, ashes and creosote.  If you leave your damper open, without a Fireplace Fashion Cover, it’s like leaving a window open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  That’s a lot of unwanted outside air in your home and a lot of your treated inside air going up the chimney!   

If you have a gas burning fireplace that was converted from a wood burning fireplace, building codes, in all states, require that the damper in your chimney be removed or permanently blocked open, so you cannot close off the chimney to the outside. This is done for safety, in the event of a leak of this poison gas, the chimney will allow the gas to exit the fireplace and not enter your home. The Fireplace Fashion cover isolates your home from this potential hazard and stops the flow of air in and out of your home, saving you energy and money, and they look great.




You will notice the difference as soon as you hang you new Fireplace Fashion Cover

Typical Gas Fireplace Installation

Typical Gas Fireplace Installation

Shown here is what a typical pre-fabricated gas fireplace looks like on installation.  The air chamber around the exhaust pipe in the center is usually not insulated to allow the heat of the exhaust pipe to dissipate.  This unheated area has a vent to the outside that allows this exhaust pipe heat to exit the home and the cold outside air to enter your home.  The air chamber around this exhaust pipe in the center is usually not insulated to allow the heat of the exhaust pipe to dissipate.  This is the reason you get cold outside air from the fireplace 365 days a year. This also allows for the transfer of cold air through all the metal and glass areas of your fireplace assembly.

Typical Gas Fireplace Installation

The Fireplace Fashion Cover Will Pay For Itself In Energy Savings In One Heating Or Cooling Season

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Unique Three Layer Construction

A–BACKING – Dense Weave Commercial Heat Resistant,
Heat Reflecting Scorch Proof Material

B–CENTER – Heavy Duty Insulating, Isolating
Heat Reflective Woven Material

C–FACING – The Fabric Or Pattern You Chose For The
Front Facing Design

Magnets Line All Four Sides Of Cover For An Effective Seal

 Unique Three Layer Construction

Our Covers Are Constructed By Layering Three Different Materials,
To Obtain The Best Insulation And Isolation To Prevent Heat Loss Or Air Infiltration All Year.

  • The backing layer is made of a dense weave commercial heat resistant, heat reflecting material.
  • The center layer is made of a heavy duty insulating, heat reflecting material.
  • The outward layer is made from a variety of fabrics to suit most any decor or style, or send us your fabric.
  • Industrial strength magnets are installed in the top, bottom and both sides and line the entire perimeter, so the Fireplace Fashion Cover will adhere to your existing doors or screens, or the optional  ANGLE ADAPTER BAR  for open fireplaces.  This combination provides a substantial barrier between your warm home and the cold outside air!!

Our covers are held in place by strong industrial strength magnets, placed at the top of the cover and divided in three sections. This will allow for easy folding and storage when the fireplace is in use (we slide ours under an easy chair).

There are also magnets along the bottom to add weight to the cover,and will adhere to the bottom of your fireplace door or screen, if equipped. All Fireplace Fashion Covers will also have the same magnets on both sides of cover for maximum insulation and coverage.

Fireplace Fashion Covers made for use with the angle adapter bar will also have an open hem at the bottom as well as the three sections of magnets. The open bottom hem will allow a 1/8 inch metal rod or wooden dowel to be inserted, if desired, for extra draft protection.



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Beverly,  Got the fireplace cover right before the arctic cold front hit. It is Wonderful! Amazing how much more ‘still’ the house interior felt. Guess we get used to drafts and only notice them when they’re gone? Thanks for such a great product and it looks great!   Linda W.–Colorado

Why Let Your Fireplace Cost You Energy 365 Days A Year?

The Solution Is So Easy

We absolutely love our fireplace cover. Our fireplace has glass doors but it always felt drafty and cold.We are much warmer now and so grateful that we found the fireplace covers here! We are telling everyone we know!...Megan a.–Ohio

Insulated Fireplace Covers Save Energy And Money

Magnetic Fireplace Covers Are So Easy To Use

Decorative Fireplace Covers Look Great

Insulated Magnetic Decorative Fireplace Covers Are The Answer

Dress up the room with one of our beautiful patterns
or simply make your fireplace disappear with one of
the solid color choices

Why put up with those cold drafts, heat loss, ashes and bugs when the answer is so easy, so affordable and so attractive


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