How Fireplace Fashion Covers Work To Save You Energy And Money

Our covers are constructed by layering 3 different materials,

to obtain the best insulation and isolation,

To prevent heat loss, air conditioning loss and air infiltration all year.

  • The backing layer is made of a very dense weave commercial heat resistant, heat reflecting material.
  • The center layer is made of a heavy duty insulating, heat reflecting material.
  • The outward layer is made from a variety of fabrics to suit most any decor or style, or send us your fabric.
  • Industrial strength magnets are installed in the top, bottom and both sides, so the FIREPLACE FASHION COVER will adhere to your existing doors or screens, or the optional ANGLE ADAPTER BAR for open fireplaces.

This combination provides a substantial barrier between your warm home and the cold outside winter air or your air conditioned room and the hot humid summer air !!!

Our covers are held in place by strong industrial strength magnets, placed at the top, bottom and both sides of the cover and line the entire perimeter of the cover to stop the air flow. They are divided in three sections. This will allow for easy folding and storage when the fireplace is in use (we slide ours under an easy chair).

FIREPLACE FASHION COVERS also include magnets along the entire bottom to add weight to the cover, and will adhere to the bottom of your fireplace door or screen.
FIREPLACE FASHION COVERS made for fireplaces with metal doors or screens will also have the same magnets on both sides of the cover for maximum insulation and coverage.

FIREPLACE FASHION COVERS made for use with the optional ANGLE ADAPTER BAR, will have an open pocket at the bottom as well as the three sections of magnets in the top and the bottom and both sides.  The open bottom pocket will allow a 1/8 inch metal rod or wooden dowel to be inserted, if desired, for extra draft protection.(rod or dowel is available at any hardware or home store).


  • Helps keep fireplace odors and ashes where they belong, in the firebox not in your home.
  • Helps stop bugs and insects from entering your home thru the chimney opening.
  • Hides dirty, stained or damaged doors or screens.
  • Hides the unburned wood from last nights fire.
  • Hides the ashes you forgot to empty.
  • Helps stop cold fireplace drafts from entering through the chimney and wasting your heating dollars.
  • Helps stop hot, humid summer air from entering your home and making your air conditioner run.
  • Keeps the inviting mess out of the sight of your little ones.


A–BACKING— Dense Weave Commercial Heat Resistant, Heat Reflecting,
Scorch Proof Material
B–CENTER —Heavy Duty Insulating, Isolating, Heat Reflective Woven Material
C–FACING —The Fabric Or Pattern You Chose For The Front Facing Design
Magnets Line All Four Sides Of Cover For An Effective Seal

Insulated fireplace covers save energy and money

Magnetic fireplace covers are so easy to use

Decorative fireplace covers look great

Insulated Magnetic Decorative fireplace covers are the answer



Easily folds in thirds, and then thirds again for compact storage!

So easy to use, securely held in place by industrial strength magnets

hidden in the TOP in the BOTTOM and in BOTH SIDES

Beverly ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!!! I cannot tell you how thrilled I am, and I haven’t even used the fireplace cover yet. We just received it in the mail a moment ago, a mere few days after placing the order. I t is exactly what I was looking for when I told my husband we needed to find “something” to cover up the fireplace when not in use (our flue doesn’t close). I had an idea of something decorative that could be attached via magnets to keep in place and voila, there was your site. Thank goodness for the internet and your creativity. Not only is it useful, of course, but more important (to me) it is a fashion statement. We’ll be back for more!!! For gifts ….. okay for our use as well……Susan W.–Virginia

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