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We knew, when we came up with our idea of a magnetic insulated decorative fireplace cover, that other people were going to want one on their fireplace. Family and friends were the first to use them, and were amazed by the energy savings and temperature difference. When they found out how well the FIREPLACE FASHION COVER worked to stop the cold fireplace drafts and how easy the cover is to use, they told their friends.

The word has spread far and wide and lots of energy has been saved and lots of cold drafts stopped, so here are a few recent comments about our magnetic insulated decorative FIREPLACE FASHION COVERS, from owners!!
We hope you enjoy the comments an we would love to hear from you!!
Beverly & Gil

Hi Beverley,
My cover arrived yesterday and was installed immediately. And how simple that was! It looks great, and fits perfectly. Now it is 9:30 on a chilly morning, and I am sitting in front of the fireplace, watching the cover puff out from all the chilly air that would normally be a draft around my ankles. But there is no draft, no cold air at all coming through. I could not be more pleased. Although I probably will be when I see the difference it will make to my heating bill. Thank you so much. Sue G.–Gainesville, GA


For years I’ve used one of those inflatable draft stoppers. It was messy, it was a pain to inflate and deflate when I wanted to use the fireplace, I was patching new holes in it almost every year and most importantly it didn’t work that well. It did block the flue but I could still hear and feel air coming around and through the vents. Beverly’s fireplace cover solved all those problems. Within five minutes of the time I opened the box I had it installed. The room is no longer drafty and is noticeably warmer. If I want to use the fireplace I can remove and reinstall the cover quickly, easily and cleanly. It’s been the perfect solution and I could not recommend it more highly. Richard Baier Overland Park KS


Thank you so very much for our fireplace cover! It fits perfect, the fabric matches even better than we expected and we do not feel any drafts!! It sure looks nicer than the insulation we shoved in the opening before to try to help with drafts. We are so happy that you make such a beautiful and useful product and that we found you!  Chuck and Debbie Bird Lansing, MI


Wow. What a difference Beverly!
The heat is going on fewer times as the thermostat controlling the entire main floor is in the room with the fireplace… that also led to feeling the temperature even out in the house. The continuous strip of magnets completely sealed up all the drafts. All of the other products I researched only had magnets in the corners. Great product. Well made. Instant value. And just in time to help with the blizzard last week!   Thanks.- Dave Y–Shelton CT


Received the fireplace cover. It has made a huge difference in my family room. There was always a noticeable temperature drop off in my family room. Once I noticed the cold air coming through the fireplace I knew I had to do something. The cover fits perfect and I can see the cover moving back and forth catching the air. Thank you so much David B.   West Hempstead NY


Dear Beverly, The Fireplace Fashion Cover arrived yesterday, just in time for Christmas! It looks great (much better than the plastic and tape we had been using) and, more importantly, it works great–no smoke smell in the house. Photo attached. As your website says, the “just black” cover disappears, which is exactly what we wanted. The quality of the materials and workmanship is obvious and the design is thoughtful and practical. I am so impressed and so appreciative that you offer such a high quality, beautiful, and functional cover. It works exactly as you said it would; it arrived exactly when you said it would. How nice to find a business with such great business ethics! Please be assured I will be singing the praises of your work and if you ever need a reference, I’d be pleased to be one! Have a wonderful Christmas and a New Year filled with laughter and good health.  With great respect, Florence Mayne–Washington


“We love the fireplace cover Beverly made for us. It’s so easy to put on and take off. It insulates well and blocks out the 26 degrees F we had here in Indiana this morning. It sure beats the unsightly black trash bag we had duct taped in our attempt to keep the cold air out of our living room”
Doug–Trafalgar IN


Hi, Beverly, I am sorry that I have not gotten back with photos and a response. My husband works in Asia right now so I travel with him. I did take a few photos of the fireplace in our Colorado mountain cabin, but I did not have an iron up there so did not get it ironed after shipping. Still it is PERFECT. I have had the glass doors off for a few months since I intended to replace the old things. When I put the cover on it, I felt NO drafts, and the room stayed warmer that weekend. It fit the metal box perfectly with no gaps or leaks with the magnets working perfectly. Per my photos, you can see how the natural rock has uneven edges and an uneven face on the rock so fitting doors, etc. would be very difficult if wanting to keep out the cold and have a perfit, tight fit. With your cover, it is a perfect fit. I have to highly recommend the solid black color since it is very rich looking and blends into my fireplace very well. You were a joy to work with, very patient with all my questions and for sure a lot quicker in responding then I have been. You need to be on TV ads.  Happy Holidays, Jackie


Beverly – just a quick note to say thank you. The cover works and looks great, exactly what I had been thinking about for the past several years, and now here it is… Perfect!!   Matt M.–Cumberland, Maine


Hi Beverly & Gil,
Rick & I redid our family rm 19+yrs ago with a very affordable zero clearance fire place. Needless to say the doors & flu never where the best at keeping the wind out. We would have to leave the flu open when we went to bed just to be safe & would wake up to a very cold family rm (cathedral ceilings). Last year it was so cold we actually duct taped a garbage bag over the glass doors & did not use the fire place all winter. You saved the day and the fuel consumption. Last night we had a fire. Even though the fire was out RIck as always left the flu open and the doors closed then added the Fireplace Fashion cover over the doors. The wind last night was awful & cold, but when I came down this AM the outside temperature was With much appreciation, Rick & Lucy Goodchild


Hi Beverly, The fireplace fashion cover is great! Seals off the fireplace draft beautifully and looks classy too.   Thanks, Nyssa Everhart


Hi Beverly,
This week our fireplace cover was put to the real test. Frigid temperatures and a few nights of howling winds. Thank goodness I didn’t wait til further into the year to buy one. The cover has truly made a difference. No more nights bundled in blankets just to watch tv. For anyone who is contemplating quality, affordability, or necessity…..don’t wait. You will be extremely pleased as it will be one of your best investments.
Thanks again Beverly!!!   Have a warm and wonderful day! Glenda Guile Olathe, KS


Hello Beverly,
We love our cover, so I put in our comments on your website. I just would like to be able to share your website with Facebook friends and don’t exactly know how to do that. Quite a few sites give you that option to share on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks. Do you think you will offer that ability in the future. We really want to help you get out the information to the masses!! Your creation needs to be out there for all to find. Take care.  Mike and Jody Clevenger


Hi Beverly,
We received our cover yesterday and it was really simple to install. We are already noticing significant difference in our living room. Our living room was getting significantly cold due to cold air entering from fireplace vent. Now it is warm and we expect to save a lot on our heating bills. Thank you.  Parshuram –Connecticut


Hello Beverly,
Just wanted to let you know that I LOVE the cover for the fireplace… I placed it on last night – fit perfectly and completely stopped all the drafts. I will take a picture this evening and send to you. If you have a website, I would be more than happy to give you wonderful comments. I plan on purchasing other colors to change it up from time to time.. Thank you again and I am thrilled to have found your website. Hope you made it thru the snow storm ok.   All the best, JoAnn Gardner


No picture to share with you yet, but we’ve put the cover on yesterday and it fits and looks great! (so much so that I plan to leave it on year-round – which was not my original intent). Also – it was close to 20 below last night here in Iowa City, IA and I can already tell the difference the cover is making. Our great room stayed MUCH warmer than it has.  The cover showed up just a few days after ordering & is well worth the money. Thanks for a good product!   Kent Ralston Iowa City IA


Hi Beverly,
I received my Fireplace Fashion Cover today. It fit the opening perfectly and I immediately noticed the cold draft of air was stopped. I wish I had known about this cover years ago! Our living room no longer feels like we have an open window. Thank you,   Maria De Sousa—Portland Maine


Happy New Year. I just wanted to tell you that I purchased a fireplace cover for my sister for Christmas, after having to cover her fireplace with a blanket to keep out blowing cold air. The cover fit perfectly and it snapped to the fireplace easily and quickly. Bottom line, my sister is thrilled with it and it has turned a room she only used when wrapped in a blanket into something she can use.   We are both so pleased and I wanted to thank you for this wonderful solution.   Meredith Munk


Bevery & Gil, Thank you so much for my custom fireplace cover. Even after picking out my fabric from another site and having it shipped to you I received the cover faster than I had expected. You were such a great help. when I couldn’t find a fabric I liked. In addition, the fireplace adapter worked like a charm. I’ll be emailing you photos. I will definately spread the word and let people know about such a quality product. Made in the USA what a plus. Kathryn B — Warner Robins, GA


Just arrived…fits perfectly…It is 8 degrees out. Love it… I will tell anyone that has a drafty fireplace… Thanks so much… Could
not be more pleased… Sandy S.–Ollie, Iowa


Beverly,The cover is a PERFECT fit. We love it. It definitely blocks out the wind that was coming through. I can’t wait to see how much money we will save. Now if only there were a temporarysolution for windows, short of replacing them! Thanks again! You do great work and unbelievably fast too! Liz and John S.–New York


Hi Beverly, Received the cover today. Looks great, fits great and I think will help keep the room warmer! Thank you so much for providing such a great product. Good luck with your business. I appreciate your help. Sincerely, Sharon McD.–Michigan


Thank you so much! WE received the cover yesterday and put it on – it looks great and works perfect. Best wishes to you and your family for a wonderful holiday season. Kindest Regards, Traci Parsons Director, Regional Services APS | MedAssets Affiliate


Beverly, As you can see from the photo, the fireplace cover arrived today. I could not be happier. It is gorgeous! It goes perfectly with the black marble. Now all I need to do is to paint the caulking black. I wish you continued success with your business! Thanks again! Steve H.–Maryland


Beverly, Best thing we did was to get a cover from you. It was 15 below 0 this morning. Much colder weather coming next week also. The cover for Mark was just perfect also. They were amazed how much warmer the room was. I hope the pictures I sent to you were helpful. Best Wishes for a successful New Year. Mary Peck–Iowa


he cover is a PERFECT fit. We love it. It definitely blocks out the wind that was coming through. I can’t wait to see if and how much money we will save. Now if only there were a temporary solution for windows,short of replacing them! Thanks again! You do great work and unbelievably fast too! Liz and John K.–Illinois


Hi Beverly, Your fireplace cover is beautiful! I have attached a couple of pictures. I have used the shrink film for windows on my fireplace doors over the summer to keep in my air conditioning – but now I have your beautiful cover to use all year long! I wonder if you have considered some Christmas patterns? It would look great during the holidays. Thanks, John B.–Missouri
Hi Beverly,
We just wanted to let you know that the fireplace cover that we received is absolutely beautiful. We love the fabric, how sturdy it is and how the magnets keep it put and it stays intact. We also bought this to keep our two cats out of the fireplace. They completely ignore the fireplace now and have not tried to get in there anymore. Nothing else worked. We previously had to put our TV in front of the fireplace. Now we don’t have to and we have draft control.  We are glad we stumbled upon your website. Frank and Emily–Washington


Dear Beverly,
I was so excited to receive my cover today. I love it and now I can enjoy the bamboo in my backyard insidethe house! I appreciate you sending the additional information and will certainly share with my friends and neighbors who also have fireplaces. Thank you so much for making such a wonderful and beautiful product. Yeah, made in the USA! Take care and much success to you! Sincerely, Patricia H.– Washington DC


My fireplace cover and the adjuster bar arrived yesterday afternoon, and I put it up right away. I’ve attached two pictures–“before” and “after.” (I had cleaned up the fireplace as best I could and removed the old fireplace grate before I ordered the cover, so it looked even worse.) I had no trouble installing the bar and cover, and we are so pleased with the clean look. I want to thank you as well for such prompt delivery–for a custom-made product, the speed at which we received the cover was remarkable. (I will post some feedback on your website.) We have not used the fireplace in a number of winters as it doesn’t do much to heat during the deep cold, and I am very eager to see how we do this year. I think the cover will make a big difference in preventing the draft and chill that we always felt in our living room.

Many thanks, Kathryn Dodgson–Massachusetts


The cover is a PERFECT fit. We love it. It definitely blocks out the wind that was coming through. I can’t wait to see if and how much money we will save. Now if only there were a temporary solution for windows, short of replacing them! Thanks again! You do great work and unbelievably fast too! Liz and John S.–Pennsylvania


Hi, Just wanted to let you know that I love the cover. It works so well and the temperature has dropped, so I’m glad that I spent the money even though its very tight right now. I will spread the word about your great product.. Thank you…Rebecca Trimble–California


Hi Beverly -We received our cover yesterday and I just wanted to let you know that we are thrilled with it. Thank you for exceeding our expectations! All the best…Sivan N—Connecticut


Beverly the fireplace cover is BEAUTIFUL!! I have already gotten many compliments on it. I love it and not only does it look beautiful it has made a huge difference in the temp in the room. Thank u so much…Omie R.–Maryland


Beverly ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!!! I cannot tell you how thrilled I am, and I haven’t even used the fireplace cover yet. We just received it in the mail a moment ago, a mere few days after placing the order. I t is exactly what I was looking for when I told my husband we needed to find “something” to cover up the fireplace when not in use (our flue doesn’t close). I had an idea of something decorative that could be attached via magnets to keep in place and voila, there was your site. Thank goodness for the internet and your creativity. Not only is it useful, of course, but more important (to me) it is a fashion statement. We’ll be back for more!!! For gifts …..okay for our use as well……Susan W.–Virginia


Hi Beverly, Just wanted to say thanks for my cover – its great and a perfect fit! Our lounge feels so much warmer. I will definitely refer you if I come across anyone else with a fireplace. Many thanks! Julie B.–Melbourne, Australia


Hi Beverly,
We just received the cover about 20 minutes ago, due to our mail coming late. We’ve put the cover up and it fits perfectly and really looks great. Thanks again for your quickness in processing and nice work. We’ll highly recommend your work to others. Thanks again and have a great day…
Jane and Ed W.–Maryland


Received the fireplace cover today. It fits perfectly! Thanks so much for the quick turnaround. I will be sure to let everyone in our little community know of this wonderful product… Linda G.–South Carolina


Hi Beverly, The fireplace cover I ordered from you is really doing a great job keeping the cold air from coming through the gaps around the fireplace door. I was skeptical but I’m glad I ordered it. No more draft. I also like the fabric which goes well with my decor. Thank you for this great product… Grace P.—Delaware


We received the fireplace cover today; quick service, beautifully made, perfect size, real quality workmanship and materials, great product. We are so pleased with the cover. This cover will definitely help our energy loss. We are warmer already…Thank you,– Jane C.—Kansas


I got the cover today and I love it, I love it, I love it and it fits and looks great…Thanks–Sharon W.–Arizonia


We are so happy with our fireplace cover. It has provided so many functions; elliminated the odor from the fireplace soot,
seals the cracks from the escaping heat inside the house, and adds beauty to the room. Thank you so much for inventing such a practical product. And an extra “thank you” for providing superior customer service and manufacturing such a high quality product….
Brad P.–California


Hi Beverly –
We received your cover in yesterday’s mail , and installed it this morning. It looks great and the fit is perfect ! I am glad I got the side magnets, as they really help seal the cover. I have a temperature gun, and will be doing some testing when the temperatures drop a bit, but I am sure it will pass with flying colors. We are glad to be able to support a quality “Made In America” product, and I wish you continued success. Maybe I’ll even see you on “Shark Tank ” one of these days ! And I will certainly recommend your product to friends and family. Thanks…
Steve ( & Ellen ) S.—New York


Hi Beverly,….I LOVE my fireplace cover! It looks great and is definitely making a difference saving on our heating costs. Thank you again!…Donna M.–Massachusetts


We absolutely LOVE our covers! We have two – one for each side of for our double sided fireplace and it helps so much with the drafts. It also helps keep the little hands in the house out of the fireplace. The covers are so beautiful and so well made, we may order more so we can have different patterns for different seasons.  Thanks again for making these, they are great!–Denise C.–Maryland


Got the fireplace cover right before the arctic cold front hit. It is WONDERFUL! Amazing how much more ‘still’ the house
interior felt. Guess we get used to drafts and only notice them when they’re gone. ?  Thanks for such a great product and it looks great!
Linda W.–Colorado


Beverly, I received the package yesterday. The fit is perfect and it really does the job as advertised! Pattie D.–Alabama


We absolutely LOVE our fireplace cover. Our fireplace has glass doors but it always felt drafty and cold. We are much warmer now and so grateful that we found the fireplace covers here! We are telling everyone we know!…Megan A.–Ohio


Beverly, We received the cover. It looks and works great and fits perfectly!Thanks,…Sean S—Indiana
Thank you so much Beverly for the quick delivery. I look forward to spreading the news to my neighbours regarding your great product and fast delivery service.Thanks again, Allan W.–Maryland


Received my new fireplace cover and it is wonderful Custom sized perfectly…thank you!…Robin B.–Tennessee


Beverly I got it and it’s perfect! Just sent you a photo from my phone (email). Gloie W.–Maryland


Love your website! Love our cover. works great. leave it on all year around. Ruan Mc.–Maryland


What a wonderful energy saver and adds a touch of beauty to our room. We have a double sided fireplace and it is amazing how much of a difference it makes in the cold air getting in. Thank you so much!! Julie K.–Delaware


Thank you Beverly. We love it. The fabric ties in perfectly. Great idea. Definitely stops the draft. Darlene R—Maryland


have an odd shaped fireplace and have been looking for a cover for a long time. Fireplace Fashion worked with me to make a custom cover and it’s a perfect fit!   Candace R–North Carolina


We just received our cover. It fits like a glove and is beautiful. I can already tell the difference. Now that I have one, I think order another for the summer just to change things up. Loretta H.–New Mexico


Beverly, We just received our cover today and could not wait to get rid of all of the towels and to put up our new cover. It fit beautifully and looks great. We could not be happier. Thank-you for your quick shipment and your outstanding product. Will definitely let family and friends know about your product.  Again Thank-you Jeff & Susan Hosko–Manistee, Michigan


“I looked for over one year for a product like this, and I’m so glad I found your site. Just received the cover and it is
magnificent. Now I am also a seamstress, but never thought to make this type of cover myself. Beverly, you did a wonderful job! Believe me, I checked out the quality of the workmanship and it is perfect. Not a stitch out of place! Best of all, it does what it’s advertised to do, and does it well….insulates the fireplace. Thanks Beverly!”   
MJ S.–Pennsylvania


Hi Beverly,
Our fireplace cover arrived Wednesday afternoon as promised.We had a few things going on so I didn’t replace the beach towel we were using until Thursday night.The new cover looks much much nicer and your fix to hang it on the brass door works fine.The extra inch on each side lets me cover the sides of the door against the brick and eliminate the cold air leaking there.the beach towel worked but some air came through the cloth.The new cover actually puffs out stopping the cold air from coming out in the room.The beach towel didn’t do that so the new cover works better and looks better too.We were visiting with my wife’s sister Friday and I was telling her husband Larry about our new cover.He was really interested in a cover for their fireplace.I gave him your website address this morning so you may be hearing from him soon.Thanks for the invitation and VIP tickets to the Maryland Home Show.We will be in Florida starting late this week so would not be able to attend but Larry might be interested since he lives just outside Red Lion,PA and not far from Timmonium Fair Ground.   Best of luck in your business.You provide a much needed product and as far as I can tell,you are the only source for fireplace covers on the internet.It has been a pleasure working with you…
Byron D.–Pennsylvania


Hello Beverly, Just got the fireplace cover today…looks great and fits perfectly. We can tell right away this will help stop the drafts from this opening. We will definitely pass along your info and our experience with this. Wish we had more fireplaces ? Cheers~ Michael




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