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When You Stand By Your Fireplace Do You:

  • Feel a difference in the temperature of the air and the feel of the room near the fireplace?
  • Feel a cold draft of air in the wintertime in the room with the fireplace?
  • Feel the summer heat and humidity coming down the chimney into the room?
  • Want to stop the constant flow of outside air from your vented gas fireplace?
  • Smell the ashes and soot, inside of the chimney, in the rest of the room?
  • Notice that the room with the fireplace is never the same temperature as the rest of the house?
  • See the ashes and soot creeping into the room from the fireplace, making a mess?
  • Do your feet always feel cold in the room with the fireplace?
  • Find more bugs and insects in the room with the fireplace?
  • Want to change the way the fireplace looks?
  • See into another room with a double sided fireplace–Need some privacy?
  • Wish you could hide those stained or damaged doors or screens easily?
  • Want to add an inexpensive decorative touch to the room?
  • Wish you had taken out the ashes from you last fire?
  • Have a vacation home with a fireplace?
  • Want to stop the little ones from investigating the mess of the fireplace?
  • Wish you could just cover up your fireplace “Hole In The Wall”?

How Many Of These Apply To Your Fireplace?

If you are tired of the cold drafts and your heat going up the chimney then

A Beautiful Magnetic Insulated Fireplace Fashion Cover Will Help Solve All These Problems!!

Let Us Solve Yours



Heat Goes To Cold

When you walk by a unprotected window in the cold weather the heat in your body goes to the window. That is why you feel cold. The curtains and draperies we hang at our window insulates us from this cold. This also happens with the glass doors and metal framing of your fireplace, the heat in your home is transferred to the cold glass and metal of your fireplace, making you cold. The Fireplace Fashion Cover will insulate you from this cold and stop the air flow into and out of your home 365 days a year, making you more comfortable winter and summer.

A detailed explanation for why your fireplace makes you cold and costs you energy (the science of it all)


Insulated Fireplace Covers Save Energy And Money

Magnetic Fireplace Covers Are So Easy To Use

Decorative Fireplace Covers Look Great

Insulated Magnetic Decorative Fireplace Covers Are The Answer

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The Visual Check

This is the quickest way to tell if you have an air leak problem, it does require that you be able to see up the chimney, not an easy task most times. On a sunny day, make the room with the fireplace as dark as possible. After closing curtains and turning off lights, look up the chimney and note how much light you can see coming in around the edges of the damper. Now imagine leaving a window open that much, 24 hours a day 365 day a year! Spaces as small as 1 inch can cost hundred of dollars in energy costs! How much space is needed by insects to enter your home?



The Draft Check

Another Quick And Easy Test To See If Your Fireplace Is Costing You Money Is Described Below

Hold a piece of lightweight material (ie: a sheet of newspaper, a tablecloth, small bed sheet or other type of lightweight material) in front of the fireplace, when ashes are cold, so the entire opening of the fireplace is covered. If the material blows into the firebox (See Photo Air Leak Problem #1) then your treated air is escaping through your chimney and costing you energy dollars. If the material blows into the living area (See Photo Air Leak Problem #2) then outside untreated air and chimney toxins (creosote, ash and fumes) are entering your home. The effects of either condition are more evident on a windy day, or a cold day when the outside temperature is much lower than the inside temperature. Either direction means you are paying more for heating and air conditioning then you need to. If the material does not move, then your chimney and damper are probably working properly, but you may still want to hide the stained and dirty firebox or doors.



Heat Loss
from air being sucked up the chimney is probably the more costly and the more prevalent of the two problems. It is also the problem that is least evident!! Most fireplaces allow the heated and cooled air inside your home to escape up the chimney, allowing your energy dollars to go with it. A chimney will “draft” the air out of the room by design, or the room would fill with smoke when you burn a fire. This condition is more evident if you open, slightly, a door or window near the firebox. The material will draw into the firebox, demonstrating the air flow direction.
If This Test Shows You Have Heat Loss Then You Need To Cover That Hole In The Wall.




Air Infiltration
occurs when outside air comes down your chimney and blows into the living area. This is probably the most annoying and noticeable of the two problems because of the cold drafts that accompany it. These cold drafts also bring with them all the foul odors and toxic fumes of a previous fire and the creosote deposits on the inside of your chimney, as well as untreated air from outside that must then be heated or cooled depending on the season. Another sure indication of outside air entering your home is the smell of ash near the fireplace, especially when you use an exhaust fan somewhere in the house. The material will draft into the room, demonstrating the air flow direction.
If This Test Shows You Have Air Infiltration Then You Need To Cover That Hole In The Wall




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