Fireplace Fashion Covers

By Beverly




Most fireplaces are unattractive at best.  After a few fires the doors or screens are covered in soot and ash, the damper is warped and the firebox is stained.  With an open fireplace the ashes and unburned wood from your last fire are in plain sight, not a nice view.The reflections in those glass doors are distracting to most people, but may be attractive to young children, who like to look at themselves in the glass.  The fireplace is not something we want to attract the little ones.   With a Fireplace Fashion Cover the attraction is gone!

Fireplace doors and screens are dark and drab, but you can add a little color and brighten up the room with a Fireplace Fashion Cover and hide the mess at the same time or simply make your fireplace disappear with one our solid patterns.

Fireplace doors do not always match the rest of the decor in the room.  It”s just too expensive to replace most doors. Just hang a Fireplace Fashion Cover  over your existing doors or screens when the fireplace is not in use, and see what a difference it makes to the look and feel of your room. Choose one of the many patterns on the website or send me your own fabric to match your decor. Have a theme or decor in mind??  I can order from any fabric website and have it shipped directly to me.  The cover will be made just for you.

The Fireplace Fashion Cover will work great with all types of fireplaces, with doors, with screens or an open fireplace without doors. So easy to use you will wonder why you didn’t get one sooner. No tools, special skills or modifications to your fireplace are necessary, magnets do all the work! The Fireplace Fashion Cover  can easily be removed when you want to use the fireplace and re-hung when the fire is out and the embers are cold.

You Will See The Difference In Your Room As Soon As You Hang Your New

Fireplace Fashion Cover

       Beverly ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!!! I cannot tell you how thrilled I am, and I haven’t even used the fireplace cover yet.  We just received it in the mail a moment ago, a mere few days after placing the order.  It is exactly what I was looking for when I told my husband we needed to find “something” to cover up the fireplace when not in use (our flue doesn’t close).  I had an idea of something decorative that could be attached via magnets to keep in place and voila, there was your site.  Thank goodness for the internet and your creativity.  Not only is it useful, of course, but more important (to me) it is a fashion statement.  We’ll be back for more!!! For gifts ….. Okay for our use as well……Susan W.–Virginia

The Fireplace Fashion Cover Will Pay For Itself In Energy Savings In One Heating Or Cooling Season

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