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Fireplace doors are expensive, but they do work. If you have doors on your fireplace and they are functional, just dirty, dented, rusty or damaged, why spend a lot of money to replace something that is working.   If your fireplace door assembly is there but is missing the glass doors, finding the correct replacements can be very difficult and expensive!  Why not–

Just Cover Them With A Beautiful   

Fireplace Fashion Cover.

The Fireplace Fashion Cover  is so easy to install, anyone can do it.  No tools, special skills, changes or modifications to your fireplace or doors is necessary–Just open the box, unfold the cover and hang on your door assembly–It’s that easy!!   Trying to clean the soot and burned on residue from older doors can require a lot of elbow grease, harsh cleaners and sometime dangerous chemicals.  Once clean, the first fire you burn, they are dirty again.  The Fireplace Fashion Cover  will hide those doors and give your room a new look and feel at a fraction of the cost of replacement doors.

The Fireplace Fashion Cover  contains no harsh chemicals and is easily cleaned .

The Fireplace Fashion Cover  is the answer you need to damaged, missing, broken or just dirty fireplace doors and screens, at a fraction of the cost!

You Will See The Difference In Your Room As Soon As You Hang Your New Fireplace Fashion Cover

Fireplace Fashion Cover

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Insulated Magnetic Decorative Fireplace Covers Are The Answer



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