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Hi, Beverly,

I am sorry that I have not gotten back with photos and a response. My husband works in Asia right now so I travel with him. I did take a few photos of the fireplace in our Colorado mountain cabin, but I did not have an iron up there so did not get it ironed after shipping. Still it is PERFECT. I have had the glass doors off for a few months since I intended to replace the old things. When I put the cover on it, I felt NO drafts, and the room stayed warmer that weekend. It fit the metal box perfectly with no gaps or leaks with the magnets working perfectly. Per my photos, you can see how the natural rock has uneven edges and an uneven face on the rock so fitting doors, etc. would be very difficult if wanting to keep out the cold and have a perfit, tight fit. With your cover, it is a perfect fit. I have to highly recommend the solid black color since it is very rich looking and blends into my fireplace very well. You were a joy to work with, very patient with all my questions and for sure a lot quicker in responding then I have been. You need to be on TV ads. Happy Holidays, Jackie

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