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Fireplace Fashion Covers

By Beverly




Most bugs, insects and flying critters are attracted to light. Turn on the porch light and look out, here they come. The same will happen with your fireplace. The glow emitted from the chimney by the lights in your house will be visible to the outside world of bugs as a pathway directly into your home, even with the damper closed and the doors shut. The Fireplace Fashion Cover  will block the light and air, emitted by your chimney, that attracts those critters.  Your heated or cooled air is also an invitation to come on in. We have even heard stories of bats and birds coming down the chimney to get to the bugs in the chimney and inadvertently entering the home.

All fireplace doors must have air gaps for the heat to escape through when the fire is burning. These air gaps are enough for most spiders, flies, bees and other undesirables to fit through, when the fireplace is idle!! 

The Fireplace Fashion Cover will interrupt this air and light flow to the outside and help keep the uninvited guest outside, not in your home.  This will isolate the inside of your home from the inside of the fireplace, the chimney and the outside.

You Will Notice The Difference As Soon As You Hang Your New

Fireplace Fashion Cover

Dress up the room with one of our beautiful patterns or simply
make your fireplace disappear with one of the solid color
choices Keep the bugs and insects outside where they belong


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