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    Even with doors or screens on the front of your fireplace; ashes, odors, bugs and insects still seem to find their way out of the fireplace and into your home.  Entering your home with these things is the worst of all- Toxic Creosote  from the build-up on the inside of the firebox and chimney.  Creosote is the dark brown substance that builds up on the inside of the chimney as the hot exhaust gasses are cooled by the cold chimney.  This creosote is what gives off most of the odor from an idle fireplace.  Ashes are constantly being blown around in the fireplace by the drafts and air currents in the chimney.   The Fireplace Fashion Cover  will interrupt these drafts and help keep the ashes in the firebox and out of your sight.   Less mess and odor makes your fireplace a lot easier to live with.   Your room will stay and smell cleaner with the cover in place.


Smell your fireplace in the rest of the house?

The Fireplace Fashion Cover  will help keep your home smelling like your home and not your fireplace!!

No clean-out in your fireplace for the ashes from last nights fire?

The Fireplace Fashion Cover  will hide those ashes and unburned wood until you have time to clean the fireplace and dispose of them!

Seem to have more bugs and insects in the room with the fireplace?

The Fireplace Fashion Cover  will eliminate the entry way, through the chimney and right into your home.

All fireplace doors must have air gaps for the heat to escape through when the fire is burning.  These air gaps are enough for most spiders, flies, bees and other undesirables to fit through!!

The Fireplace Fashion Cover  will stop the desirable air in your home from attracting them in and at the same time eliminate the light being emitted from the room and up the chimney (bugs are attracted to light).

Toxic creosote is what builds up on the inside of the firebox when you burn a fire. Wood-tar creosote is a known toxin and carcinogenic.

You Will See, Smell And Feel The Difference As Soon As You Hang Your New

Fireplace Fashion Cover

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or simply make your fireplace disappear with one of the solid color choices.

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