Angle Adapter Bar Accessory For Open Fireplaces

The ANGLE ADAPTER BAR is designed to allow the FIREPLACE FASHION COVER to cover an open fireplace without the necessity of metal doors or screens. The ANGLE ADAPTER BAR will mount in the top of your fireplace and allow the FIREPLACE FASHION COVER to hang across the front of your open fireplace. No tools, special skills, changes or modification to your fireplace is required, the ANGLE ADAPTER BAR is held in place by pressure. When you remove the bar there will be no evidence that the bar was ever there! You will enjoy all the benefits of the FIREPLACE FASHION COVER without having metal doors or screens and without making any changes to your fireplace. Covers made for use on an open fireplace with an ANGLE ADAPTER BAR will be made slightly larger than the fireplace opening for better insulation, isolation and coverage.So simple to do, anyone can mount the ANGLE ADAPTER BAR in minutes.
The ANGLE ADAPTER BAR will work on an open gas burning fireplace or an open wood burning fireplace.
You will see and feel the difference in your room as soon as you hang your FIREPLACE FASHION COVER.
SEE: ANGLE ADAPTER BAR for more information

Do you have an open fireplace that you never or rarely use?                     Do you want to seal it off and make it go away! 

A Fireplace Fashion Cover with the Magnetic Tape Strip Solution is the ideal answer to the cold fireplace drafts, fireplace odors and the bugs and insects coming in from outside!  No modifications or changes to your fireplace!   SEE:  Magnetic Tape Strip Solution

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