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Fireplace Fashion is a family run business that was developed from necessity. I have been making Fireplace Fashion covers for a number of years and still have the desire to continue to make a difference. To help people save energy and money was my original goal, but much of the feedback from customers, tells me that the room with the fireplace was not used in the winter because of the cold drafts.

The Fireplace Fashion cover is insulated, making the room more comfortable. I was always cold when sitting next to the fireplace in our home. One day, I took a blanket and hung it over the fireplace doors and WOW, what a difference it made. The blanket also was moving in and out, showing us that there was air movement into and out of the fireplace. The blanket looked terrible but it did help a little.

The real inspiration for the cover, came when we lost heat in our home for three days in the dead of winter ( with single digit temperatures ). With our only heat source being the fireplace, we soon realized how cold the rest of the house was getting and that the blanket was not the solution. The heat we were getting from the fireplace in one room seemed to cause all of the heat in the rest of the house to be drawn into that room for air exchange. We could not get any of the heat to flow into other rooms. That was when we realized what was happening with the flue (it did not seem to matter if the damper was open or closed, the chimney still seemed to pull any and all the heat out of the house). Lots of research led us to realize that we were losing our expensive heat, especially when the fire was not burning. We considered one of the inflatable chimney balloons, the ones you insert in the chimney and blow up with a tube, but we like to burn our fireplace occasionally and removing the chimney balloon is very messy and inconvenient. Reinserting it has to be even worse, with all that ash and soot on the outside of the chimney balloon.

These are the reasons why I invented the Magnetic Fireplace Fashion Cover, the easy, attractive and affordable way to stop the cold winter drafts and the hot humid summer air from entering through the chimney. We believe our product is the easier and cleaner alternative, and it looks great!! After 40+ years in retail sales, and a lot of encouragement from family and friends, we decided to manufacture and market our invention. Our findings and research are detailed through out our web site and on our page Save Energy/Save Money.

The Result Is The FIREPLACE FASHION COVER We Offer Today.

We were so happy with the results of our Fireplace Fashion cover that we started making and giving them to all of our friends, neighbors and relatives, who have fireplaces in their homes. The response that we got from them was unexpected. They not only loved the way the cover hid their ugly fireboxes and doors, stopped odors, and bugs, but it also saved them a lot of money and energy. That led us here, making and selling magnetic Fireplace Fashion Covers. Our goal now, is to enlighten everyone about the loss of heated and cooled air (and your energy $$) going up the chimney in their homes. We all know how expensive it is to heat and cool our living area. These costs are increasing all of the time and we must do everything we can to stop our hard earned dollars from being wasted. Let’s all get together and Cover That Hole!!!

Fireplace Fashion Covers

All Of Our Products Are Made In Havre De Grace, Md by Beverly & Gil Lerch
We use only American made products in all of our Fireplace Fashion Covers.

Silver backing is made in Delaware.  Insulating center fabric is made in North Carolina.

Aluminum bar stock is made in Maryland and Pennsylvania.

Magnets are from New Jersey. Decorative front fabric is from various origins.

2012 Fall Maryland Home and Garden Show
2012 Fall Maryland Home and Garden Show
Our first showing!! Summer of 2011 at the Havre de Grace Maryland seafood, Arts and Craft Festival held at the head Of the Chesapeake Bay
2013 Spring Maryland Home and Garden Show
2013 Spring Maryland Home and Garden Show
2013 Fall Maryland Home and Garden Show
2013 Fall Maryland Home and Garden Show
2014 Spring Maryland Home and Garden Show
2014 Spring Maryland Home and Garden Show
2014 Fall Maryland Home and Holiday Show
2014 Fall Maryland Home and Holiday Show

It is so nice to have a chance to talk to so many wonderful people during the shows. Most visitors with fireplaces realized they are losing heat through the fireplace, but were at a loss for a remedy. Some of the solutions we have heard are unbelievable. We have sold a lot of covers at these shows and get a lot of interest and input from every one about our magnetic Fireplace Fashion Covers. I have also enjoyed making many “custom” orders from fabrics that were selected by the customers. Fabric can also be chosen online, and the links and sizes forwarded to me for construction.

This is very easy to do!
Click on the link below and just let me know what you would like.
Looking forward to helping you save energy and money!!



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