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I just read an article in AARP Bulletin called "Firepower". 
Without a glass screen or an efficient blower, a fireplace can suck more heat than it provides. 
 And when the wood isn't properly seasoned-ideally for at least two years-its heat-producing efficiency drops by as much as 30%.  Dry wood has cracks on the ends of the logs and running through each piece.  Wood that's been split for a while should be gray, and the logs should feel dry and produce a hollow sound when banged together.   
We know how inefficient a fireplace is, because we have always had a fireplace in our house.  Not until a few years ago, did I do something about it.  Fireplace Fashion Covers were invented for this reason.  I just decided to cover it one day with a blanket and then realized how much heat I was losing up the chimney.


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